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prague in spring
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A Call for New Energy and Goals
in Basic Science

by Kimberly Gandy

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Vincent Valentine

Susie Newton

Roger Evans
Allan Glanville
Maryl Johnson
Lori West

Emma Birks
Stavros Drakos
Lee Goldberg
Nancy Blumenthal
Junior Faculty & Trainees:
Daniel Dilling
Infectious Diseases:
Stanley I Martin
Tereza Martinu


Javier Carbone, Spain
Bronwyn Levvey, Australia
Takeshi Nakatani, Japan
Luciano Potena, Italy
Stephan Schubert, Germany
Andreas Zuckermann, Austria

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A Focus on our Junior Faculty and Trainees


This month, we focus on our Junior Faculty and Trainee Council which simply embodies what we do with our knowledge in the ISHLT. We experience it, observe it, organize it, analyze it, simplify it, describe it, ruin it, and cultivate it. In time, we recognize and reason with the dos and don'ts. We realize in the end there are more don'ts than dos, but rest assured mistakes provide the best opportunities. Regardless, there are dilemmas, travels, rest, reflection, hard work, awards, celebration, drinking, linking and what matters most.

Named in honor of the Roman God of War, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In this third month, we have the Ides of March, St Patrick's Day, sometimes Easter, and of course the vernal equinox, just to name a few milestones. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring begins anew with flowers, weeds and grass. With grass we take note of the varieties of grass and can water it, aerate it, thatch it, edge it, groom it, smell it, mulch it, compost it, chew it, eat it, paint it, stain it, spread it, change it, feed it, kill it, smoke it, sell it, and grow it. But for many of us we must mow it. Happy mowing and enjoy our grandsons, Devin and Dylan.

♦   Junior Faculty and Trainee Council Report
by Daniel Dilling
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♦   ISHLT in Prague: Czech It Out!
by Daniel Dilling
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♦   And Now For Something Completely Different ...
Clinical Case Dilemmas in Thoracic Transplantation
by Lorriana Leard
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♦   An Invitation to Attend the Junior Faculty Mentor Lunch
by Sitaramesh Emani
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spotlight SPOTLIGHT on the ISHLT Mentorship Program

The goal of the ISHLT Mentorship Program is to provide an opportunity for junior faculty and trainees to meet with an established specialist in their field of interest. Our hope is that this interaction will foster communication and guidance, and provide an opportunity for academic career enrichment. Detailed information on how to participate in this program will be sent to all members via email this month, so be on the lookout!

♦   March Into Mentorship—Mentor Sought, by Jonathan Singer
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♦   March Into Mentorship—Mentee Found, by Lianne Singer
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♦   Procrastination, Preparation, Presentation, Prague
by Vincent Valentine, Allan Glanville, and John Dark
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♦   Early Experience on Initiatiing 1st Lung Transplantation Programme in Country
by Merih Kalamanoglu Balcı, Cemal Asım Kutlu, and Güven Olgaç
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♦   Philip K. Caves Award Recipient Shares Career Highlights Since Winning Award
by Gregor Warnecke
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♦   Internship to Attending: Choosing A Road Less Traveled
by Christina Migliore
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♦   ISHLT International Travelling Scholarship Award: A Visit Report
by Stephanie Yerkovich
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♦   Ninth Prague Adventure of
Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012:
The Best of Prague

by Tereza Martinu
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♦   Tend To ME ... Not Your MACHINE
by Margaret Lapsanski
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♦   Just a Drop of the Hard Stuff
by Jennifer Cowger and Reema Hasan
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♦   Two Hearts Are Better Than One
by Hannah Copeland
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♦   Writing a Successful Abstract
by James George
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