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Search for Medical Director of the
ISHLT International Heart and Lung Registry

The International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation is searching for a Medical Director for its International Heart and Lung Transplantation Registry. The Registry was established in 1983 to provide on-going up-to-date information on the worldwide thoracic organ transplant experience. This Registry is the only one of its kind. Every institution currently performing heart and lung transplantation is invited to contribute its data for inclusion in the Registry. Collected statistical information includes outcome data, survival data, and risk factor data segregated into subgroups according to various demographic criteria as well as the type of transplant.

Selected applicants will be invited for a personal interview with the ISHLT Board of Directors on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, in Prague, Czech Republic. The Medical Director will be selected following the interviews, and the successful candidate will assume the position of Medical Director on July 1, 2012. The Medical Director's term is for 5 years, renewable for up to 5 additional years. Compensation is $20,000 annually, payable to the Director's institution. Resumes will be accepted at the Society's Headquarters office until March 15, 2012 (see below for information).

POSITION: Medical Director, ISHLT International Heart and Lung Transplantation Registry

Candidates for the position should be willing and able to make a significant (10%) time commitment for 5 years; may have a background in any area related to cardiothoracic transplantation; must enjoy the administrative as well as the academic aspects of the position; must desire to be responsive to the ISHLT members; must be thorough and have excellent follow-through of all pending matters; must be committed to the growth and improvement of the Registry; must be committed to maintaining full communications and a positive working relationship with the Society's Board of Directors and staff, the staff of the Registry database contractor (UNOS), and the Registry Steering Committee (comprised of 7 Associate Medical Directors for Adult Heart, Adult Lung, Pediatric Heart, Pediatric Lung, Outcomes, Biostatistics, and Organ Exchange Organization (OEO) Relations, as well as ISHLT staff and UNOS staff).


The Director is responsible for leading the Registry Steering Committee and the Registry Advisory Committee; developing and implementing improvements to the Registry; increasing the number of participating centers and OEOs; improving data completeness and integrity; developing and maintaining positive working relationships with each participating center and OEO; insuring that the database is dynamic and productive; reporting on a bi-annual basis to the Board of Directors; working with the Registry Steering Committee to co-author the annual Registry Reports; overseeing UNOS's activities as they relate to the Registry and the terms of the contract with UNOS; working with the Registry Steering Committee, ISHLT staff, and UNOS staff to review and promptly respond to data analysis requests; working with the Registry Steering Committee and ISHLT Board to initiate data analysis projects; raising corporate funds and securing grants to support the ongoing costs of the Registry; working with the Registry Steering Committee to review in a timely manner all manuscripts and abstracts citing Registry data; improving the public perception of the Registry; working with the ISHLT Board and staff in managing the business affairs of the Registry.


Candidates must indicate their institution's willingness to provide adequate workspace and the necessary equipment for use by the Medical Director. Additionally, upon selection, the Medical Director will be required to provide an annual letter from his/her institution confirming that the Director will be able to commit the 10% minimum time required of the position.

Please email (preferred), mail, or fax your resume/cv (3 page maximum) and description of what you would bring to the position by March 15th to:

Susie Newton
The International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation
14673 Midway Road, Suite 200, Addison, TX 75001
Phone: 972-490-9495
Fax: 972-490-9499