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Junior Faculty Mentor Luncheon Invitation

Sitaramesh Emani, MD
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

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sitaramesh emaniOn behalf of the JFTC, I would like to extend an open invitation to attend the annual Junior Faculty Mentor Luncheon at this year's Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions in Prague. The luncheon is designed to facilitate conversation between those in the early phases of their careers and senior members of the ISHLT. Each year we invite several distinguished mentors who are renowned within their fields, have a history of successfully guiding mentees, and have served as leaders within the ISHLT. Our mentors will guide informal, small group discussions with attendees, addressing topics such as finding a job, creating research opportunities, getting published, and achieving work-life balance. The atmosphere is casual, open, and very enjoyable for everyone in attendance.


Registration is simple: during the Online Registration process, select "add event" on the 2nd page of registration. In the dropdown menu, select "JFTC Mentor Luncheon".

If you already registered for the meeting and would like to add this event, simply download the ISHLT Official Registration Form, complete the first 3 lines at the top, and add the Junior Faculty Mentor Lunch. Include payment at the bottom of the form and FAX to ISHLT.

Thursday, April 19, 1:15 – 3:15 PM

Our mentors for this year are already excited about the luncheon and are adding it to their calendars. Past participants have enjoyed the opportunity to meet senior members, ask questions, and network in a relaxed forum. In particular, we would also like to extend a special invite to those of you in the basic science fields or who may be members of the Nursing, Health Science, and Allied Health Council to register as well. If you are a trainee, in the early phases of your career, have questions about career development, or just want a chance to meet the bigwigs of the Society, come join us on Thursday, April 19th! We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

Disclosure Statement: The author has a small research grant from Medtronic, Inc, that does not pertain to the subject matter of the submitted article.