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ISHLT in Prague: Czech It Out!

Daniel Dilling, MD
JFTC Chair

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Prague is coming up fast! You probably already reserved your accommodations and bought your airplane ticket. But what about getting the most from the meeting? As an introduction to the Annual Meeting for new members and, specifically, for junior faculty and trainees, this article is meant to help you navigate through the various sessions and to highlight ways to get involved in the Society at the meeting.

First of all, ISHLT is a relatively small society and you should feel welcome to meet and mingle with other attendees after and in-between sessions. The Society wants junior members to participate in Council meetings, to stand up and comment on oral presentations and posters discussions, and to engage in informal conversations between the sessions. Interactions such as these go a long way toward bringing in fresh ideas or new perspectives on controversial topics.

Sessions are categorized into various types:

Plenary Sessions: These sessions take place in a large lecture hall, do not coincide with any other educational offerings, and are intended for all delegates. The topics are usually broad (across all clinical areas of the ISHLT or even involve general medical and scientific topics) and are given by invited speakers and featured abstract presenters.

Satellite Symposia: These sessions are comprised of invited speakers and focus on a specific topic. Several satellite symposia take place at the same time, but are usually scheduled so that there is minimal overlap among clinical areas.

Concurrent Sessions: Longer (15-minute) oral presentations of select abstracts that constitute one area and are presented and discussed with moderators.

Mini Oral Sessions: Short (5-minute) oral presentations of select abstracts that constitute one area and are presented and discussed with moderators.

General Poster Sessions: Posters are divided into clinical arenas and displayed all day, usually in the Exhibit Hall area. Authors will be at the posters on an assigned evening, which is the best time to view the posters.

There is a wealth of information about the Annual Meeting on the ISHLT website. If you are PRESENTING at the meeting, be sure to read, "Procrastination, Preparation, Presentation, Prague" for tips from senior members on delivering a great speech or making a great presentation.

Next, make sure you attend the following sessions that are geared toward and designed by younger members:

Incorporation of new and younger members is often achieved through the Society's Council structure. Make sure you attend the open Council meetings that pertain to your clinical interests. Once there, meet others and volunteer yourself for Council work and to be a reviewer of abstracts for next year's meeting.

Wednesday, April 18, 1:00–3:00 PM

  • Pulmonary Hypertension (Club B)
  • Pediatric Transplantation (Club C)
  • Pathology (Club D)
  • Nursing, Health Sciences, and Allied Health (Meeting Hall 5)
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support (Panorama Hall)

Thursday, April 19, 1:15–3:15 PM

  • Heart Failure and Transplant Medicine (Club B)
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology (Club C)
  • Infectious Diseases (Club D)
  • Pulmonary Transplantation (North Hall)

Friday, April 20, 1:00–3:00 PM

  • Basic Science and Translational Research (Club C)
  • Junior Faculty and Trainees (Club D)

Next, what should you do about lunch at the meeting? There are many choices, but you may find yourself feeling rushed as you dash between sessions. So, plan ahead and order boxed lunches in advance! They are $15 each, packed with delicious food, and available "grab-n-go" style. This will save you valuable time, especially if you plan to attend any Council meetings or Mini Oral sessions, which take place during the lunch break. Follow the directions on the FAQ Page on how to order boxed lunches in advance.

Lastly, have fun! The Friday Night Gala is a perennial hit and a terrific way to meet new people and network. And, be sure to read Tereza Martinu's Prague Adventures (there is one in each month's Links issue), for great advice in planning your trip!

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.