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Tereza Martinu, MD
PULM TX Council Communications Liaison

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PULM TX Council Website

tereza martinuWho's who in the Pulmonary Transplant Council leadership:

The chair: The baton has been passed from the outgoing chair Lianne Singer (Toronto General Hospital) to the current chair David Weill (Stanford U). In one year, the baton will go to the vice chair, Michael Mulligan (U Washington).

The committee representatives: The representatives to the 2013 Annual Meeting Program Committee are Denis Hadjiliadis (U Pennsylvania), Deborah Levine (UT-San Antonio), and Geert Verleden (Leuven, Belgium). The representative to the Development Committee is Glen Westall (Melbourne, Australia), to the Education Committee Kevin Chan (U Michigan), to the I2C2 Committee Lianne Singer (U Toronto), to the Registries and Databases Committee Roger Yusen (Wash U, St. Louis), and to the Standards and Guidelines Committee Peter Hopkins (Brisbane, Australia).

The liaisons: Duane Davis (Duke U) will liaise the council to the Board of Directors, Daniel Chambers (Brisbane, Australia) will connect us to the Basic Science and Translational Research Council, and I (Duke U) will happily translate it all to the Links Newsletter as the Communications liaison. Finally, Jon Singer (UC-San Francisco) will take the reins as the new Quality of Life Workforce leader.

Our efforts towards internationalism:

You may have noticed the preponderance of USA and Canada representation in the leadership roster above. Following the spirit of our INTERNATIONAL society, we would very much like to increase the diversity of our council. If you are reading this and would like to be part of the Pulmonary Transplant Council leadership, please let us know. We will be happy to have you wherever you are; but if you are not from the USA or Canada, that would make us even happier!

What's new and exciting?

The Pulmonary Transplant Council has had a busy year with multiple innovative strides forward.

  1. Education: the feedback from this past meeting has been uniformly positive. New symposia are being planned for 2013. There is an effort to interact more closely with the Basic Science and Translational Research Council and hopefully create sessions that would bring basic scientists, translationalists, and clinicians together. Also, a Lung Transplant Competency Course is being planned for circa 2014.
  2. Registries: The DCD registry has been created, and a new ECMO/EVLP registry is in the works. Also, there are efforts to create a multicenter Quality of Life in Lung Transplantation Registry (QUILT), which hopefully will be launched within the next year.
  3. Projects: Several groups have formed with the intent to draft guideline papers on the following topics: Lung donor management, antibody-mediated rejection, and recipient selection.

Go Google!

One of the most exciting innovations has been the creation of the Google ISHLT Lung Transplant Discussion Group. This is an online forum for communication between lung transplant practitioners. Questions, answers, and ideas are shared within this group on a regular basis. It has been truly a great way to find out what other centers are doing and learn from colleagues and experts in the field.

We all look forward to another fun and productive year in anticipation of the 2013 annual meeting in Montreal.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.