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(with the help of Paul Simon)

Christopher R Ensor, PharmD, BCPS-CV
Chair, Pharmacy and Pharmacology Council

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chris ensor

"I always think of this shape [a cone tapered outward away from oneself], you know, meaning that you begin and the possibilities are going out this way, which means that you'll have a good story to tell ... as opposed to this shape [a cone tapered inward at oneself], which means that somewhere in the second verse or something, you've finished. So, you'll want to begin in some way that leaves open a lot of possibility ... " — Paul Simon (on recording the Graceland album)

Our council was formally endorsed by the ISHLT board at the April 2011 San Diego Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions. This idea—a concept which held the promise of a mutual fraternity of colleagues with expertise in pharmacy and pharmacology from around the world—was being actively discussed, for a year prior to the 2011 meeting, by a core group of seven such pharmacists: myself, Mike Shullo, Patty Uber, Adam Cochrane, Ed Horn, Robert Page, and Walt Uber. Mandeep Mehra championed the council's efforts, provided guidance to its founders, and served as the first council liaison to the ISHLT board. Patty Uber was appointed by the board to lead the council forward and shepherd it through its initial year of development. Through her leadership, the council began a formalized effort to enhance its membership on the world stage, initiated work on a core-competency statement for thoracic transplant pharmacy and pharmacology practitioners, contributed in a meaningful way to the ISHLT Links Newsletter, and coordinated an innovative symposium at the ISHLT 2012 Annual Meeting about the lifecycle of a cardiac transplantation recipient.

The Pharmacy and Pharmacology Council met for the first time, as a formally recognized entity, at the 2012 Prague meeting where the international council members were represented as a majority of the participants. The first slate of elected officers was voted upon and an international panel of workforce leaders and liaisons were identified. The enthusiasm of the participants for the ongoing and forthcoming works of the council was overwhelming. My thoughts and emotions at the time facilitating this meeting were best described as the following:

"At first I thought, now I've got a problem ... 'course, soon after that I began to think, No! Now I have an adventure. Instead of resisting what's going on, I'll go with it ..." — Paul Simon (on performing the Graceland tracks)

Over the coming year, our council's possibilities are vast, and our adventure will continue. The core competency statement will be completed and published. Our contributions to the ISHLT Links are planned. Collaborations with other councils and their leadership on guideline and scientific statements, JHLT contributions, and meeting symposium for the 2013 meeting are underway. Outreach efforts to other related societies, pharmacy and pharmacology groups, and international colleagues are ongoing to disseminate the benefits of ISHLT membership and the mission and vision of the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Council. This year promises to be filled with great work, hard effort, and epic fun. Let the adventure begin!

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