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Melanie Everitt, MD
Pediatric Transplantation Council Chair

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melanie everittThe countdown to the EURO 2012 Football Championship has begun and baseball season is in full swing, so I'd like to dedicate our Pediatric Council Report to the Boys of Summer by announcing the Pediatric Council's starting lineup for 2012-2013. We are poised for a banner year, and the Council needs the enthusiasm and commitment of ALL of our members—no benchwarmers or sideliners, please.

First of all, congratulation goes to our Golden Glove Winner (a.k.a. Vice Chair) Marc Schecter (Houston, Texas). Dr. Schecter will be fielding any fly balls, line drives, fouls, etc. that are missed, dropped, or simply overlooked by your current Chair.

One of the biggest bats to be wielded is by our new Education Committee Workforce Leader, Debra Dodd (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee). Dr. Dodd has re-positioned herself in the roster as the new captain of this squad. Daphne Hsu (Montefiore, Bronx, New York) will remain involved on the squad as pinch hitter for the Master Academy and Core Competencies in Pediatric Thoracic Transplantation. The remaining Education Workforce lineup includes Christian Benden (Sydney, Australia), Gerard Boyle (Cleveland, Ohio), Erik Edens (Iowa City, Iowa), Kimberly Gandy (Kansas City, Missouri), Paul Kantor (Toronto, ON, Canada), Beth Kaufman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Michael Kuhn (Loma Linda, California), David Morales (Houston, Texas), Elfriede Pahl (Chicago, Illinois), Bart Rottier (Groningen, the Netherlands), Janet Scheel (Baltimore, Maryland), Jeffrey Towbin (Cincinnati, Ohio), T.P. Singh (Boston, Massachusetts), and Simon Urschel (Edmonton, Canada).

Richard Chinnock (Loma Linda, California) announced at this year's Council Meeting that he is a free agent, so the Pediatric Council is looking for a relief pitcher for the Registries and Databases Committee Workforce. If you are interested in being drafted as the new Leader of the Registries and Databases Workforce, contact Dr. Chinnock ( or Melanie Everitt ( Please note that a signing bonus is not part of the deal. However, you will be welcomed to the Registries and Databases Workforce by a number of resourceful team veterans: David Rosenthal (Stanford, California), Elfriede Pahl (Chicago, IL), and T.P. Singh (Boston, Massachusetts). The launching of PEDIMACS in August will count toward this year's "runs batted in" for Pediatric Heart Failure and Transplant. Dr. Rosenthal (, Betsy Blume (, or David Morales ( can field additional questions/interests related to PEDIMACS.

The ISHLT Board has given the home plate wave to the Heart Failure Workforce. Dr. Yuk Law (Seattle Children's Hospital, Washington) has stepped up to the plate as Leader of this Workforce. The goals of the Pediatric Heart Failure Workforce include education, communication, advocacy, and community awareness/resource development for children with heart failure and those caring for them. Contact Dr. Law if interested (

The Pediatric Council welcomes Anne Dipchand (Toronto, ON, Canada) in her new role of switch-hitter. She will represent the Pediatric Council on the International and Inter-Society Coordinating Committee (I2C2) of ISHLT. The role of the I2C2 is to develop formal relationships with other Societies where mutual benefit may be attained, membership shared, and common goals exist.

Shifting now to the football pitch, Robert Boucek (Seattle, Washington) earns a return as striker of the Standards and Guidelines Committee Workforce. He is joined by midfielders Samuel Goldfarb (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Michael Carboni (Durham, North Carolina), and Debra Dodd (Nashville, Tennessee). Contact Dr. Boucek if you are interested in this Workforce (

Kimberly Gandy (Kansas City, Missouri) will push for more Communications Workforce success. Juan Alejos (Los Angeles, California), Jonathan Johnson (Rochester, Minnesota), Beth Kaufman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Nagarajan Muthialu (London, United Kingdom), and Marc Richmond (Columbia University, New York) round out this squad. They hope for a sell-out crowd with the Pediatric Transplant Google Group initiative that is underway. For your ticket to this tournament, contact Dr. Gandy (

To recap, please consider signing on for any of the above Workforces. Please contact us if you are interested in leading the Registries and Databases Workforce. Stay tuned for more Pediatric coverage in the ISHLT Links Newsletter, especially in the Pediatric edition of the newsletter coming in November.

Disclosure Statement: Melanie Everitt is not a baseball player nor does she live in a city that hosts a Major League team. Her soccer knowledge is limited to that learned from the touch line of her 6-year-old's recreation league. The above article was not intended to endorse a particular sport, team, league, or player, but rather intended to keep morale going through the seventh inning stretch and stoppage time. No other disclosures.