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James B Atkinson, III, MD, PhD
Pathology Council Communications Liaison

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james atkinsonThe Pathology Council under the outstanding leadership of Past Chair, Gerald J Berry, MD (Stanford University, CA), had an active year capped in Prague at the ISHLT meeting which likewise proved to be extremely productive and exhilarating for the members of the Pathology Council. Many members attended and actively participated in a host of pre-meeting symposia, concurrent sessions and concurrent symposia.

In addition, we held pre-meeting sessions for pathologists on Tuesday, April 17, on the subjects of cardiac and pulmonary antibody-mediated rejection. The morning session on cardiac antibody-mediated rejection brought together many of the members of the cardiac group from ISHLT 2010 Chicago and ISHLT 2011 San Diego. The topics included refinement of histopathological and immunophenotypic diagnostic criteria, and affirmation of the proposed grading scheme for antibody-mediated rejection. In the afternoon session, a group of pulmonary pathologists convened to discuss the results of the Pathology Council-sponsored survey of current practices for the diagnosis and reporting of pulmonary antibody-mediated rejection. This provided a platform to evaluate a host of technical, interpretative and reporting issues. Proposals for antibody selection, interpretative thresholds for C4d staining distribution and intensity, and uniform terminology for the reporting of biopsy results were reached by consensus from the discussion. A more detailed summary will follow (see below).

The Pathology Council for the coming year will be under the innovative leadership of its Chair, Patrick Bruneval, MD, Hopital European Georges Pompidou (Paris, France). The Council will focus on antibody-mediated rejection in lung transplantation. Specifically, the Council will:

  • Publish the 2012 Pulmonary Antibody-Mediated Rejection Session at Prague
  • Develop a digital image repository of antibody-mediated rejection cases
  • Collaborate with the Pulmonary Council to develop a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and management of antibody-mediated pulmonary rejection
  • Review and publish results of the 2012 Pathology Survey of Current Practices for diagnosis and reporting of pulmonary antibody-mediated rejection.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.