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Annemarie Kaan, MCN, RN
NHSAH Council Chair

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NHSAH Council Webpage

It's GLITZY! It's GLAMOROUS! It's STAR-STUDDED! It's the NURSING, HEALTH SCIENCES, & ALLIED HEALTH COUNCIL REPORT! And this year, our Council is in the movies! That's right—symposia sessions and council meetings right there on the big screen....



... this summer to a computer screen near you!

This year, our A-list of stars includes:

Annemarie Kaan, Chair
Masina Scavuzzo, Vice Chair
Nancy Blumenthal, Past Chair
Samantha Anthony & Annette DeVito Dabbs,
Program Committee
Arzellra Walters, Development Committee
Michael Petty, Education Committee
Judy Currey, Grants and Awards Committee
Michael Petty, I2C2 Committee
Fabienne Dobbels, Registries and Databases Committee
Connie White-Williams, Standards and Guidelines Committee
Bronwyn Levvey, Board Liaison
Bernice Coleman & Judy Currey, BSTR Council Liaisons
Emily Stimpson, Communication Liaison

Remember how you laughed when you heard about the development of our Google Group? How you cried when you saw that we were able to offer two unrestricted research grants to our members? How you were on the edge of your seats when you heard that some of our sessions would be recorded so that fans could watch from the comfort of their own homes? How excited you were when you had the opportunity to contribute to pulmonary hypertension and mechanical circulatory support guidelines?

Experience all those emotions AGAIN this year! Catch your breath as you discuss monthly hot topics on Google Groups! Let your emotions run wild as we connect with other councils and professional associations! Fire up your creative side and contribute to our educational slide sets for transplant nurses and allied health professionals! Fall in love with the prospect of being intimately involved with creating new guidelines!

Join us for a crazy, action packed "Hollywood" adventure!
The NHSAH—A Blockbuster of a Council!!

Not a member of the Nursing Council? You can join very easily by logging into the ISHLT Members Only website and updating your profile—you can join any of our 11 Councils, which are open to all Society members.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.