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Christina Migliore, MD
JFTC Communications Liaison

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christina miglioreThe JFT Council was created 5 years ago and included only a handful of members. Our size has increased to over 200 members with a quarter of its members from outside the US. The goal of the Council has always been to tap into the enthusiasm of junior faculty and trainees and make them an integral part of the society.

2011 has been one of our most productive years! The JFTC was the main focus of the March Issue of the ISHLT's Links Newsletter. Several members of the council contributed exceptional articles. The issue spotlighted two events our Council is extremely proud to have sponsored:

  1. the Mentor Luncheon, organized by Ramesh Emani, hosted about 40 mentees and 10 invited faculty at the ISHLT Annual Meeting in Prague.
  2. the Mentorship Program, organized by our incoming JFTC chair, Pali Shah, now has over 150 faculty mentor volunteers!

These and other events at the 2012 ISHLT conference have helped to welcome younger faculty and trainees to the conference as well as to bring some new members to the Society.

Also at the annual scientific meeting, for the third straight year, the JFTC sponsored the Clinical Case Dilemmas in Thoracic Transplantation symposium. 150 abstracts were submitted, 6 were selected for oral presentations and 50 were selected for poster presentation. Congratulations to Erin Albers whose case presentation was selected for the Best Presentation Award during the symposium.

The council has started 2012 under our new workforce leadership:

Chair: Pali Shah
Vice Chair: Jen Cowger
Secretary: Manreet Kanwar
Program Committee: Lorriana Leard and Jennifer Cowger
Development: Arezu Aliabadi
Education: Matt Morrell
I2C2: Reema Hasan
Registries and Databases: Keyur Shah
Standards and Guidelines: Steven Kindel
Board of Directors Liaisons: Allan Glanville and Lori West
BSTR Council Liaisons: Zsuzsanna Hollander and Esme Dijke
Communications Liaison: Christina Migliore
ID Council Liaison: Me-Linh Luong

We have several initiatives on the horizon including the development of a job posting website and as well as the pairing of the society's junior members with senior member to write articles and teaching slide sets in conjunction with the Education Committee, ISHLT Academy and the Journal for Heart and Lung Transplantation.

In gearing up for the 2013 scientific meeting in Montreal, the council will be working on the possible addition of a multidisciplinary panel of experts and work on presenting unknown cases with an interactive discussion. The council would also like to continue its work with the program committee to pair JFTC members with senior moderators for select sessions to foster development of these critical academic skills. We have and continue to encourage our members to join and develop international proposals with the various councils in the Society.

Lastly, the JFTC would like to thank our previous fearless leader, Dan Dilling, as he closed his term as our council chair and communications liaison this year. Your endless efforts as our spokesman have been greatly appreciated.

The council has received wonderful feedback from new members on the breadth of opportunities available for junior members and we hope to make 2012-2013 even better!

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.