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Michele Estabrook, MD and Macé Schuurmans, MD
ID Council Communications Liaisons

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Accomplishments over the past year:

The ID Council has remained extremely active and productive in the past year. Drs. Erik Verschuuren and Lara Danziger-Isakov collaborated with the Program Committee to bring exciting content to the ISHLT Academy and the Annual Meeting including discussion of multi-drug resistance, donor infections and travel medicine. In the fall, we organized a response to the proposed PHS Guidelines on high-risk donor screening on behalf of the Society. Dr. Stanley Martin has generously contributed monthly to LINKS. Several projects were hatched including a survey of MCS infection prevention practices led by member Dr. Shimon Kusne (watch your in-boxes!!), a systems-based guide to infectious complications led by Drs. Amparo Sole and Fernanda Silveira and a Fungal working group led by Dr. Shahid Husain.

Now to the future where it takes a village:

  • The ID Council will be developing infection related variables to be considered for IMACS, the ISHLT sponsored device registry. Dr. Margaret Hannan is leading this collaboration.
  • The ISHLT Registries and Databases Committee has agreed to consider adding ID variables and the council will begin to develop event-based, prospective events such as bacteremia, pneumonia, and CMV for consideration.
  • The newly proposed MCS guidelines were posted on the ISHLT website and have been reviewed for ID content. Dr. Stan Martin will be responding on behalf of the ID Council.
  • Drs. Amparo Sole & Fernanda Silveira have created an exciting proposal for a "What to do if" clinical scenario publication that could be distributed to clinicians working in cardiothoracic transplantation. This handbook will guide the clinician on how to approach certain ID situations in this population.
  • Dr. Shahid Husain is spearheading the fungal prophylaxis workgroup that will perform an in-depth analysis of literature to help establish consensus on this very important yet, heterogeneous topic.
  • ISHLT will have a presence at ICAAC. The first-ever Pre-meeting Symposium on Transplant ID at ICAAC will be co-sponsored by the ISHLT ID Council with Drs. Lara Danziger-Isakov and Shahid Husain as invited speakers.
  • The ID Council welcomes submission of symposia for the upcoming 2013 meeting ideally with details on topics, speakers, time frame and chairs.

We are pleased to announce the new ID Council representatives:

Vice Chair
Past Chair
Program Committee
Education Committee
I2C2 Committee
Registries & Databases Committee
Standards & Guidelines Committee
Board of Directors Liaison
Basic Science Liaison
Junior Faculty Liaison

Lara Danziger-Isakov
Fernanda Silveira
Martha Mooney
Erik Verschuuren & Stan Martin
Amparo Solé
Martha Mooney
Paolo Grossi & Shahid Husain
Stan Martin
Joe Rogers
Michele Estabrook & Macé Schuurmans
Orla Morrissey
Me-Linh Luong

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