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Kimberly Gandy, MD
BSTR Council Chair

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kim gandyThe BSTR Council is now off and running. Inspired by the vision of Lori West, the Council underwent a full structural overhaul last year under the guidance of Lori West and Jim George. We now have liaisons and contacts with all of the major divisions of the ISHLT. We hope that with this structure, we can be much more responsive to the needs and goals of the Society, and assure the place of basic and translational sciences within this organization.

Newly formed, our main accomplishments have been to envision projects that we feel would benefit the society, obtain consensus within our ranks as to the best way to proceed with them, and to obtain board endorsement for proceeding with their implementation. During our next year, we will focus on three major projects:

  1. A Career Development Center is being created with plans to be online by the next ISHLT Annual Meeting. Within this career center, we plan to provide a listing of labs within the ISHLT that could provide opportunities for students, post-docs, residents and fellows to pursue research training. Members of the society with labs wishing to participate should contact me at Suggested content for the laboratory listing will soon be posted on the BSTR website. Similarly, we plan to evaluate the potential of this site to pair trainees with mentors.
  2. We intend to aid the ISHLT Grants and Awards Program with revision of the grant application process. For starters, the CVs in all future grants will be submitted in the standard NIH format, an effort that we feel will benefit all as it will facilitate comparisons of CVs of individuals from across an international spectrum. We are also in the process of discussing options for the applications to be submitted in an electronic format.
  3. Finally, we have begun our efforts to join with TTS and ESOT under the guidance of the I2C2 in a collaborative effort to support a biannual meeting.

We feel that these types of efforts will enhance our organization's efforts to support, interact with, and be a part of the top-level basic and translational science within the field.

In summary, our newly formed council is energetic and has a number of goals which we think are critical to the ISHLT mission. Please join us.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.