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Teresa De Marco, MD, FACC
University of California, San Francisco

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teresa de marcoIt is evident from the sessions presented at the 2011 and 2012 ISHLT Meetings that there is great international interest on pulmonary hypertension (PH) associated with left heart (LH) failure. In addition, pulmonary hypertension / right heart failure is an important common theme that brings together the PH, HF, and MCS Councils constituents.

Although the nomenclature, definitions/criteria, pathophysiology, diagnostic approaches and evidence-based therapies are well-delineated for WHO Group 1: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a consensus on these aspects is lacking for Group 2: PH associated with LH Disease. As a result of this lack of standardization in the literature, it is very difficult to compare older studies and design future studies to build a robust evidence-based therapeutic approach.

To rectify this deficiency, an international consensus conference on this topic is being planned as an all-day pre-meeting, joint symposium of the PH, HF, and MCS Councils for the 2013 ISHLT Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions in Montreal. The aim is to develop a common language by formally defining and classifying this entity and, thereby, making a major contribution to future academic endeavors.

The morning session will be dedicated to presentations geared to literature review. The afternoon session will be designed in a breakout format dedicated to formulating consensus opinions on various topics which will provide the spring board for a consensus manuscript on PH associated with LH failure.

The planning committee is comprised of the conference chairs Teresa De Marco, James Fang and Ray Benza as well as ISHLT leaders and leaders from the PH, HF, and MCS Councils.

More information about this international consensus conference will be available in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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