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Prague in Winter Photo credit: Frantisek Chmura, Prague In Winter,


Vincent Valentine

Susie Newton

Roger Evans
Allan Glanville
Maryl Johnson
Lori West

Emma Birks
Stavros Drakos
Lee Goldberg
Nancy Blumenthal
Junior Faculty & Trainees:
Daniel Dilling
Infectious Diseases:
Stanley I Martin
Tereza Martinu


Javier Carbone, Spain
Bronwyn Levvey, Australia
Takeshi Nakatani, Japan
Luciano Potena, Italy
Stephan Schubert, Germany
Andreas Zuckermann, Austria

A Focus on Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health

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  • On Teaching and Learning  by Vincent Valentine

    ISHLT Links Editor Vincent Valentine ponders the essential qualities of a good teacher, noting that every good teacher is a dedicated learner as well.

  • Evidence Based Practice for the New Year  by Connie White-Williams

    ISHLT member Connie White-Williams implores us as professionals to learn the process of evidence based practice and participate in research.

  • A Dietician Speaks to New Year's Resolution Makers  by Kathrine Grigsby

    Have you made your New Year's resolutions yet? ISHLT member Kathrine Grigsby reminds us that improving the nutritional status of transplant patients is one resolution that is worth keeping.

  • My Medical Routine: A Life-or-Death New Year's Resolution by Margaret Lapsanski

    Lung transplant patient Margaret Lapsanski shares a New Year's resolution that cannot be ignored and will not soon be forgotten as her repetitive words, "my medical routine," echo throughout her story.

  • Two Centuries Later and Still Alive  by Vincent Valentine

    Our editor Vincent Valentine links Edgar Allan Poe's past to our present day transplant world and how his writings influence our future.

  • Exercising the Patient with a Mechanical Circulatory Support Device by Justin Canada & Maureen Flattery

    ISHLT members Justin Canada and Maureen Flattery present information on exercising the patient with an MCSD and reveal the need for examining the effects of exercise in this rapidly emerging field.

  • Seventh Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: Václav Havel and the Velvet Revolution by Tereza Martinu

    It would be a darn shame for all of us to walk away from the ISHLT meeting in Prague without learning about the man who helped lead the Czech Republic from communism to a peaceful, free existence. Czech-born ISHLT member Tereza Martinu brings us to the streets of Prague while shedding light on one of the most popular Czech presidents in history.

  • Communication in Pediatric Transplant: A House of Bricks by Arzellra Walters

    ISHLT member Arzellra Walters reminds us that effective dialogue between patient, family and HCP is crucial to patient survival because it leads to improved patient knowledge, functional status and adherence to the agreed-upon treatment regimen.


Social Media as a Patient Care Tool

Four authors—Nancy Blumenthal, Michael Petty, Alison Amegatcher, and Jennifer Kealy—share how Social Media has been implemented in their workplace settings to improve communication among caregivers and patients.

  • Moments by Julia Hayes

    Writer and mother of a young cancer survivor, Julia Hayes, shares her wisdom on facing death head-on.

  • Dying is a Part of Living by Valerie Cappello & Margaret James

    Two health care professionals—Valerie Cappello and Margaret James— urge us to be candid with our patients on the subject of dying.

  • Full Circle by Nancy Addis

    Patient Nancy Addis, near death, pens a beautiful and moving poem that takes us "full circle."

  • Communication: Simple and Direct by Vincent Valentine

    ISHLT Links Editor Vincent Valentine closes this issue with a few sensible approaches gleaned from the critical care literature to improve communication in difficult situations.

Vltava River
Photo credit: Mykola Velychko, River Vltava in Prague,