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The Nursing, Health Science and Allied Health (NHSAH) Council is well on its way to meeting the new year's resolutions set out last April during the annual council meeting. Led by Nancy Blumenthal (Chair-USA), Annemarie Kaan (Vice Chair-CAN) and Bernice Coleman (Immediate Past-Chair-USA), the council's many task forces have been fortified by the addition of nearly twice the number of nurses, social workers, social scientists and therapists who have gotten involved with the council activities.

Over the past 8 months, each of the task forces has met via teleconference, to connect members from around the globe in the pursuit of enriching the ISHLT membership experience for our constituents.

Having reviewed participant feedback from annual meetings over the last several years, the Education Workforce led by Michael Petty (USA) advised the NHSAH Program Committee Representatives, Annette DeVito-Dabbs (USA) and Bronwyn Levvey (AUS). The result of their collaboration is self-evident in a conference agenda that is rich with content pertinent to NHSAH members. As in 2011, the 2012 Annual Meeting has been granted Continuing Education Points for Transplant Certification (CEPTC) provider status by the American Board for Transplant Certification. Up to 28 CEPTCs will be awarded to certified nurses attending the 32nd Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions in Prague this year!

In a joint effort with Education Workforce, the Development Workforce led by Arzellra Walters (USA) has been brainstorming methods of meeting members' needs for continuing education between the annual meetings. This workforce has submitted proposals to the ISHLT board describing the use of technology for reaching members who are unable to attend the annual meetings. Eager to extend the benefits of ISHLT membership to as many colleagues as possible, this workforce is engaged in pursing collaboration with other professional societies.

The initiative with most immediate gratification has come from the Communications Workforce led by Bronwyn Levvey and Alison Amegatcher (USA). A Google Group dedicated to online networking, information exchange, and peer support for members of our council was developed early this Fall. A secure, members-only (i.e., not google-able to the public!) venue, we are anticipating the group will connect our members in discussing the many challenges of our clinical and academic. Please join the NHSAH google group by sending an email to

The Grants and Award task force, led by Judy Currey (AUS) and Annette DeVito-Dabbs is pleased to accept, for the second year, an unrestricted grant for $12,000 from CSL Behring to the NHSAH Council. This is in addition to the $12,000 Nursing and Social Science Research Grant offered to eligible ISHLT members. For more information, see the 2012 Grants and Awards Announcement in this newsletter.

Keen to support the Council infrastructure, the Standards and Guidelines Workforce led by Connie White-Williams(USA) has endeavored to develop a proposal for a future Transplant Academy dedicated to psychosocial issues commonplace in the thoracic organ failure and transplantation.

Support has been given to improve the membership communication database, as well. During the 2012 Annual Meeting in Prague, we can look forward to hearing Bernice Coleman report on the consensus findings from last year's Crucial Conversations in Thoracic Transplant Nursing. Through efforts of Annette DeVito-Dabbs, this group has continued the development of a mentorship program for those members seeking professional guidance in developing their research process or clinical role.

Boasting a varied membership, the NHSAH Council has ambitious plans for the year. We are excited about the progress that has been made toward our new year's resolutions and are very eager to welcome the contribution of members who have, heretofore, been reticent. There are so many ways to get involved in Council activities. What a great way to ensure the ISHLT is working for you! Cheers to one and all for a happy, healthy, exciting 2012!

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