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John Wallwork Receives Honour of CBE Award

John Dark, MB FRCS
Immediate Past President, ISHLT

john wallworkWhen John Wallwork was born, the British Empire was still substantial and it was true that the "sun never set on the Union Flag." Empires are now unfashionable—not even Americans want one—and the remnants for the UK are a few bits of rock jutting out of the lonely parts of various oceans.

But twice a year, in a throwback to that distant time, individuals across the UK have their contribution to public life recognised by awards in the "Most Excellent Order of the British Empire." One of the higher ranks is termed, "CBE" - not, in this case, Christians for Biblical Equality, or Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, or even Crabby But Efficient, but Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

This was the award made to ex-ISHLT President and recently retired transplant surgeon, John Wallwork, in January 2012. It recognises not only John's significant contributions, but also those of his institution, Papworth Hospital, and indirectly, the whole of the heart and lung transplant community. John was a long-term supporter of the ISHLT, making a major impact on the Society over a 25 year career.

The award will be made in person by the Queen; for an ordinary, hard-working surgeon, a CBE is a particular achievement. Sting has one, as does Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter, but John is not as good looking as any of them.

Congratulations, John, from all of us in the world of transplantation.

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