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Nominations to the ISHLT Board of Directors are being accepted through Monday, February 13, 2012. Information was distributed to all ISHLT members via email in mid-January.

For more information, please read the letter below from John Dark, Immediate Past President and Chair of the ISHLT Nominating Committee.


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Dear Colleague:

I am writing you in my capacity as Chair of the ISHLT Nominating Committee to solicit nominations for the ISHLT Board of Directors. We are seeking nominations for four (4) Director positions as well as for the position of President-Elect. Any current member may be nominated to serve as a Director. Individuals must have served at least one year on the Board of Directors in order to be nominated for President-Elect (see below list of those eligible to be nominated for President-Elect). All terms are for 3 years.

Over the past couple of years, ISHLT has begun to engage in a number of new initiatives in recent years (practice guidelines, scientific monographs, Academy courses, expanded Annual Meeting, new governance structure, international advocacy, junior faculty outreach, historical archives, to name a few). Helping the Society pursue these new initiatives and lead our many volunteers to achieve these goals requires the effort of Board members who are dedicated to the Society, who have time to devote to the Society, and who possess the appropriate skill set to lead the Society in these new directions. It is therefore important that all ISHLT members give some consideration to the nomination process and participate in the election process during the Annual Business Meeting. The Board of Directors is eager to involve more of the members of the Society in the workings of the organization, thus your input regarding the future leadership of the Society is both important and desired.

The nomination process is designed to gather information about the leadership and related skills of the various nominees. I do strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to consider whether any of your ISHLT colleagues should be nominated for the ISHLT Board of Directors. The Nomination Form (available on the Board of Directors webpage at must be completed and submitted with required attachments for all nominees. Nominations submitted without this document and the required attachments will not be accepted. The deadline for submission of nominations is February 13, 2012. Individuals are welcome to nominate themselves.

The individuals whose terms on the Board expire in April 2012 are as follows:

John Dark, MB, FRCS, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, United Kingdom
Susan Chernenko, RN, MN, NP, Nurse Practitioner, Canada
Allan Glanville, MBBS, MP, FRACP, Pulmonologist, Australia
J. David Vega, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, United States
Florian Wagner, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Germany

The individuals who will continue to serve on the Board are as follows:

Raymond L. Benza, MD (Cardiologist/Pulmonary Hypertension) United States
Marisa G. Crespo-Leiro, MD (Cardiologist) Spain
Duane Davis, MD (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) United States
James F. George, PhD (Immunologist) United States
Richard Kirk, FRCP, Pediatric Cardiologist, United Kingdom
David O. Taylor, MD, Cardiologist, United Stated
Patricia A. Uber, PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) United States
Geert M. Verleden, MD, PHD (Pulmonologist) Belgium
Lori J. West, MD, DPhil (Pediatric Cardiologist/Basic Science) Canada
George Wieselthaler, MD (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) United States

Individuals who are eligible to be nominated for the position of President-Elect are:

Linda Addonizio
Sharon Augustine
Nicholas Banner
Raymond Benza
Robert Bourge
Susan Chernenko
David Cooper
Maria Rosa Costanzo
Marisa Crespo-Leiro
Duane Davis
Sabina De Geest
Fabienne Dobbels
Roger Evans
O. Howard Frazier
F. Jay Fricker
James George
Allan Glanville
Bartley Griffith
Axel Haverich
Marshall Hertz
Roland Hetzer

Katherine Hoercher
Frances Hoffman
Jeffrey Hosenpud
Mariell Jessup
Yasunaru Kawashima
Ronald Kerman
Shaf Keshavjee
Richard Kirk
Walter Klepetko
Stephen Large
Ugolino Livi
Joren Madsen
Luigi Martinelli
Neil McKenzie
Keith McNeil
Bruno Meiser
Robert Michler
Takashi Nakatani
Linda Ohler
Jayan Parameshwar
Soon Park

Hermann Reichenspurner
Bruce Reitz
Steves Ring
Bruce Rosengard
Heather Ross
Phillip Spratt
Randall Starling
Vaughn Starnes
Lynne W. Stevenson
Susan Stewart
Stuart Sweet
David Vega
Patricia Uber
David Vega
Geert Verleden
Florian Wagner
Steven Webber
George Wieselthaler
Adriana Zeevi
Andreas Zuckermann

In addition, the bylaws state that previous presidents may be nominated for a second, non-consecutive, term.

Thank you for your participation in this very important process.

With best wishes,

John Dark, MB, FRCS
Immediate Past President, ISHLT
Chair, ISHLT Nominating Committee