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The World I See Through My Windows:
Part Three


Virtual windows—how many do we have at our fingertips? Albeit I experience only a tiny fraction of virtual windows, it is enough to keep my mind open to current happenings in the world as well as historic facts that sometimes come as a shock when you realize those events continue to have such an influence on the world of today.

Virtual windows, as you suspect, include the ever present television. What did we do before that little picture box appeared before us sixty or, for some, seventy years ago? For me, windows to the world do not include sit-coms, football, golf, reality shows, comedians, cop or attorney shows. Don't get me wrong, I watch those too. They give me relaxation and laughs everyone needs; however, documentaries about historic figures, travels to exotic places, great literary works, antiques, history detectives and Jeopardy challenge my mind and open more windows to the past and present. Shows relating modern medical miracles are a thrill as the process unfolds, in most cases, to a good end.

Local and world news reports are generally depressing, but one must be aware of those happenings, be informed and prepare for anything including hurricane evacuations, high water and other threats. My favorite reports are about the common man/woman making a difference in their own little world. Recent example is the man in a small mid-west town that had been hit hard by the recent recession with jobs lost and stores closed. He decided to start a project, volunteering his time and money, to paint every house and business in his town to make everyone feel good about where they lived. As he completed one after another structure, other volunteers, in and outside town, began to give of their time and funds to join in this worthwhile project. What a wonderful story of a person who had a vision and carried it through. What about all those volunteers who rescue stray and abused animals? Those are the windows that give me hope and joy.

My computer offers me more windows as I search for information on current world affairs in addition to challenging my mind with word games and such. My windows open wide with sunshine pouring in when I receive E Mails from family and friends. Although I miss hand written notes, E Mails are great for keeping up with your loved ones.

Reading gives me another window. To name just a few of those resources: Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, my Kindle, and let's not forget the ISHLT LINKS. Thousands of reading choices are available for one's enjoyment as more windows open. How would I survive without the written word and the messages they bring?

My last window to the world is my husband, Sid, who faithfully runs errands and sees to my needs. As he goes about the community he reports changes he observes. Attending events at Senior Center or Apartment Club House, he returns with news of friends and neighbors that brighten my day. He is an excellent story teller and tells jokes that keep me going. What could be greater than all these windows letting me choose what I wish to experience in the confines of my real world?

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Sid and Nancy Addis, October 28, 2012