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How is Bradley Wiggins different from the average man?
July 25, 2012: Keith Moore, BBC News

The two main physiological differences between an elite endurance athlete like Wiggins and the average person are a bigger heart - which allows more oxygen-rich blood to be pumped to the muscles - and the muscles' capability to use that oxygen. Read more...

Get To Know Linda Onderdonk, Lung Transplant Recipient
July 23, 2012:

MOBILE, Alabama: On Oct. 9, 2008, Linda Onderdonk, then 64 and suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, became the recipient of a healthy transplanted lung. At the death of another person—an 18-year-old boy—she was given a second chance at life. Read more...

1 Family, 5 Heart Transplants
July 19, 2012: ABC News, Medical Unit

HAINES, Oregon: One family with five children, all diagnosed with genetic heart abnormalities, may undergo the most heart transplants ever performed for a single family. Read more...

Double-lung transplant recipient Helene Campbell gets a big welcome home
July 17, 2012: Global News - Global Winnipeg

OTTAWA, Canada: She's writing a book, wants to continue learning Spanish and plans to once again dance with Ellen DeGeneres. But for now, celebrity organ-donation ambassador Helene Campbell is just happy to be home, surrounded by family and friends.Read more...

A race for life: Double lung transplant woman sails Atlantic
July 11, 2012:

LONDON, England: Eight years ago Justine Laymond was told by doctors to say a final goodbye to her family -- she had, they said, only hours left to live before her lungs would stop working and her body shut down. But this July Laymond defied her medical fate and made history by becoming the first double lung transplant survivor ever to have raced across an ocean. Read more...

The doctor will see you now, for $5
July 2, 2012: The DAILY NIGHTLY on

RUSHVILLE, Illinois: While we all struggle with the evils of time management, reimbursement, insurance companies, and documentation in our clinics, we can be warmed with a story about a simpler way of doing things. Read more...

Who Decides Whether This 26-Year-Old Woman Gets A Lung Transplant?
May 29, 2012:

CLEVELAND, Ohio: When doctors come to see Ashley in her hospital room at the Cleveland Clinic, she has only one question. She pulls out a marker and writes in enormous capital letters, as if it's the only thing she's ever wanted a voice to say: "ANY NEWS ON LUNGS?" So far, there is no news on lungs. Ashley's still waiting. Read more...