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Marisa Crespo-Leiro, MD
Hospital Universitario A Coruña, La Coruña, Spain

Josef Stehlik, MD
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

The 2nd Congress of the Spanish Society of Transplantation (SET-Sociedad Española de Trasplante) took place on June 23-26 in Madrid. SET is a young society that provides a scientific and clinical home for Spanish solid organ transplant clinicians and researchers. While this was only the second annual meeting of the Society, the attendance was excellent and the contributions exceptional. A number of sessions addressed important topics in basic, translational and clinical science in the areas of organ donation and organ transplantation. In addition to invited didactic lectures, original science was presented in oral and poster presentations, and roundtable discussions were held to address current topics.

Thoracic transplant was well represented. The heart planning committee included Luis Almenar, Marisa G. Crespo-Leiro, Juan F. Delgado and Nicolás Manito; the lung program committee members were José Ma Borro, Víctor Monforte, Ángel Salvatierra, Piedad Ussetti and Felipe Zurbano.

The following is a sample of the varied topics presented:

  • Controversies in immunosuppression after heart transplant were discussed by Finn Gustaffson (Denmark), Marisa Crespo-Leiro (La Coruña) and Jose M Arizon (Cordoba).
  • Current knowledge and future directions in stem cell therapies and in rebuilding of autologous organs were presented by Agustin Zapata (Madrid) and Doris Taylor (Texas, USA).
  • Fresh advances in heart and lung transplantation were reviewed by James Kirklin (Alabama, USA) and Elbert Trulock (Missouri, USA).
  • Global transplantation perspectives were discussed by Jeremy Chapman (Australia), Rafael Matesanz (Madrid) and Francis Delmonico (Massachusetts, USA).
  • Practical approaches to immunology after heart transplant were reviewed by Jaume Matorell (Barcelona), Josef Stehlik (Utah, USA) and Johan Vanhaecke (Belgium).
  • An animated roundtable discussion on the present and the future of destination VAD therapy in Spain was led by Luis Pulpon (Madrid), Enrique Perez de la Sota (Madrid), Luis Almenar (Valencia), James Kirklin (Alabama, USA) and other physicians from Spanish hospitals with mechanical assist programs.

It was very timely that right after the conclusion of the SET Congress, a record number of organs—36—were transplanted in Spain in a single day. And, of course, Spain became the UEFA European Soccer League Champion!

Please visit to find out more about the Spanish Society of Transplantation and the 2nd SET Congress. We hope you consider attending the 3rd SET Congress in Spain in 2014.

Disclosure Statement: The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose.