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If the 2013 Annual Meeting Program Committee members have anything to say about it, the 33rd Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions in Montréal (April 24-27, 2013) promises to be an exciting meeting with very interesting and well-integrated sessions that will have something for everyone.

Members from this year's Program Committee met in Chicago, Illinois, over the weekend of July 28-29 to plan the invited content for Montréal. Leading the meeting was our 2013 Program Chair, Prof. Allan Glanville, from St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Committee members spent a great deal of time in advance of the meeting pouring over the multitude of symposium proposals submitted by the membership at large, so that by the time they convened in Chicago, much of the work had already been done.

aug linksAs a result we were able to plan 24 pre-meeting 2-hour Symposia, 13 1-hour Sunrise symposia, 3 plenary symposia including the opening and closing sessions and 4 special symposia within the meeting proper. Don't think this is enough content? Do not despair as there are 44 90-minute sessions left for oral scientific presentations as well as 12 mini-oral sessions, and ample time and space for ... wait for it ... Moderated Poster Sessions. Yes, that's right—the ISHLT will be moving with the times and reintroducing Moderators for posters, coupling senior and junior members in teams to lead discussion. The aim is to provide a better forum for discussion of work presented in the poster format.

Well by now you must be wondering exactly what is in the program? That is not a secret but is still undergoing some last minute fine-tuning. Suffice it to say that each Council is well represented in the meeting content and there has been a spirit of cooperation between committee co-chairs to deliver Symposia which reflect the diversity and cross linkages between groups. As well, the rules of engagement have been followed with affirmative action to ensure speakers and chairs are evenly distributed geographically and from a gender and seniority perspective.

Space has been left for some industry-sponsored Lunch Symposia and importantly, time for Council meetings will be quarantined to provide the optimum opportunity for each member to attend at least one Council meeting. This then forms the basis for the Council Reports to the Board on the closing day so broad representation is desirable.

For the first time we will present a focused symposium on the JHLT at the ISHLT to discuss recent literature and how to optimize the chance to achieve publication in our prestigious Journal. We will also have 2 back-to-back sessions entitled, AST at the ISHLT, which will demonstrate some of the steps taken to achieve intersociety growth and development. We trust and hope you will all come and enjoy the program.

By the way, in case you were wondering if all work and no play makes for a dull meeting, fear not! There will be ample time and opportunity for exciting social and cultural events including a special Gala at which our own Marginal Donors will perform fronted by the inimitable Heather Ross! See you there!

For more information on the members of our 2013 Program Committee, visit ISHLT Annual Meeting Program Committee.

For more information on the 2013 Annual Meeting, visit ISHLT Annual Meeting.