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Tereza Martinu, MD
Duke University Medical Center

As you are getting ready for your trip to the ISHLT conference in Prague, you are probably gathering information, wondering what to bring, potentially buying a travel guide. If you would like, you can use the adventures of Mr/s XYZ to learn about Prague and get some ideas of what to see or taste outside of the confines of the conference. Below is a table of contents that can link you with the various adventures and topics.

IMAGINE PRAGUE: An Introduction
July 2011

The subway, the Old Square, the Vltava river, the Charles bridge ... and a view of the city of a thousand spires.

Second Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: Making Sense of Bohemia
August 2011

This adventure recounts the foundation of Prague, the legend of princess Libuše, and the kingdom of Bohemia, which became integrated into the Roman Empire under King Charles the IV and later into the Austro Hungarian Empire under the Habsburg monarchy. Czechoslovakia was born in 1918 at the end of WWI, made up of Bohemia, Moravia, Czech Silesia, and Slovakia. In 1993, a peaceful dissolution led to the creation of the current Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Third Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: Czech Sports, Sportsmen, and Sportswomen
September 2011

Mr/s XYZ learns about the history of Czech sport and notes a few important athletes in hockey, track-and-field, speed skating, tennis, and gymnastics ... while relating their lives to the political situation of their time.

Fourth Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: From a Haunted Castle to Rusalka
October 2011

A one-day trip out of Prague to visit the medieval Karlštejn castle allows Mr/s XYZ to see the Czech landscape from the train along the river valley, visit a small town, and learn about Czech fall holidays and folklore.

Fifth Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: The Land of Dumplings, Sauces, and Sweet Entrees
November 2011

Through this adventure, you can plan your culinary tourism in Prague ... or at least get mentally ready for the high-fat, high-calorie, dumpling-meat-sauce on steroids meals.

Sixth Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: From the Performing Arts to the Holiday Carp
December 2011

This story covers the main theaters and concert locations in Prague, the history of the National Theater, as well as important composers through the times. December holidays are also explored, along with the live Christmas carp that swims in many family bathtubs in the Czech Republic.

Seventh Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: Václav Havel and the Velvet Revolution
January 2012

Václav Havel fought for truth and liberty of speech during communism, was persecuted, and played a key role in the 1989 velvet revolution, which led to the democratization of Czechoslovakia. Mr/s XYZ ponders these historic facts while walking on Národní třída, where the 1989 student demonstrations took place.

Eighth Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: Pivo
February 2012

Czechs have the highest per capita beer consumption in the entire world. Beer (pivo in Czech) constitutes the primary food accompaniment and pubs are an institution. Mr/s XYZ tastes multiple beers, visits pubs, and makes a trip to the biggest, and one of the oldest in Central Europe, the Pilsner brewery.

Ninth Prague Adventure of Mr/s XYZ at ISHLT 2012: The Best of Prague
March 2012

This is an excerpt of Mr/s XYZ travel diary with highlights of Prague: top places to see in Prague, going off the beaten path, Prague architectural style highlights, one-day trips out of the city, best castles, notable museums, souvenir suggestions, family activities, and key do's and don'ts.