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Linking It Together

Vincent G Valentine, MD
Links Editor

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We began with a Mission and a Look into the Eyes of the ISHLT for a vision of working together in harmony with Rules of Engagement. With Intuition and thought we strengthened our Structure-Function Relationship while further refining our rules.

We looked to history, we looked to Dogs and discovered centuries of Truths that shape our Biases. The past spoke to us through History, warning us of our own Hubris and the importance of Freedom and Fitness since the beginning of time.

Edward Jenner spoke to us, and we recognized that Every Second Counts. It was woven through Collaboration, Conformity, and Consensus along with Lessons from Lincoln about our own personal Dedication and Devotion. Individual personal testimonies reinforced our drive and devotion to a sense of Romanticism, Nationalism, and Exoticism.

The ISHLT is truly a comforting quilt, stitched with its own personality, comprising members working together from all parts of the globe. We Teach and Learn from each other, using voices and stories from the past to improve Communication, linking great scientific achievements, progress, and just about anything you can imagine from literary, theatrical, musical, architectural, and visual arts to downright Tragedies leaving us better Prepared for our Presentations in Prague despite our great enemy Procrastination.

These thoughts are useless alone, but together, with the hard work of our Program Chair, Stuart Sweet and President, Lori West along with all Council Chairs, Board members, contributors to the Links and ISHLT staff, we have now led ourselves to our finest accomplishment which could have an Impact of Titanic proportions this April at our Annual Meeting in Prague. The band still plays on. music note

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.