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Pediatric Transplantation Council Report

Beth Kaufman, MD
PEDS Council Chair

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beth kaufmanIt has been a productive year for the Pediatric Council filled with continuing efforts and new initiatives. I have certainly enjoyed my year as Chair and I would like to thank the ISHLT administrative team and my Pediatric Council Board colleagues, Elfi Pahl and Melanie Everitt, as well as the Pediatric Workforce leaders, for all their support and efforts.

As the year long term ends, I will be turning over the Chair position to our current Vice Chair, Melanie Everitt, so the position for Vice Chair will need to be filled. The role on the Pediatric Council Board is a 3 year commitment: Vice Chair for one year (April 2012-13), Chair for one year (April 2013-14) and Past Chair for one year (April 2014-2015). Please do not hesitate to contact any of the current or past Pediatric Council Board members to learn more details about the roles and responsibilities - it is a very rewarding experience!! (Contact information is on our Council webpage: If you are interested in the Vice Chair position and becoming more involved in the Pediatric Council's Operating Board, please email your candidacy including an outline (5-10 lines) of your aims and future goals for our Council to Susie Newton ( no later than Friday, April 6th. The election will take place by electronic ballet in early May 2012. So be on the lookout for your email from Susie with your electronic ballot - please remember to VOTE.

At last year's Pediatric Council meeting in San Diego, there was definite interest expressed in having an online forum for discussion of pediatric transplant related topics, clinical dilemmas, ethical challenges etc... In response to this, recruitment of a new Pediatric Communications Workforce occurred with Kimberly Gandy accepting the role as Workforce Leader. Through their and Susie Newton's efforts, we now have an ISHLT Pediatric Transplant Discussion Google Group, which is further described in this newsletter. This will serve as our ISHLT member's online forum. All are invited and encouraged to join. Just email for the link to join the conversation or launch your own.

The Education Workforce was very busy this year promoting the interests and proposals of the Pediatric Transplant Council to the 2012 Program Committee, resulting in a diverse, exciting program at this year's upcoming Scientific Sessions in Prague. Be sure to read the article in this newsletter for the Pediatric Program Highlights. There are also ongoing efforts in the development of an ISHLT Pediatric Transplant Master Academy, potentially for Montreal 2013, focused on the core competencies of pediatric advanced heart and lung failure, mechanical support, and heart, lung and heart-lung transplantation. Be on the lookout for updates to participate in this valuable learning experience.

Planning is already underway for the 2013 Scientific Sessions in Montreal. Christian Benden (Sydney) and TP Singh (Boston) will be the Pediatric Council Representatives to the 2013 Scientific Program Committee. Please start thinking about your symposium proposals for early submission.

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to all the contributors of this issue of LINKS focusing on Pediatric Transplant! Best issue yet (but maybe I am biased...)!

Hope to see you in Prague at our Pediatric Transplantation Council Meeting (Wednesday, April 18, 1-3 PM, Club C), and/or "chat" with you soon online via the Pediatric Transplant Google group!

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.