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"Let's Chat All Year Round!"
Pediatric Transplantation Discussion Group

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We invite you to join in the discussion! The Pediatric Transplantation Council Google group has been established and invitations to join the Google group have been sent out to the members of the pediatric council. If you have recently joined the ISHLT and/or the scientific council on Pediatric Transplantation and would like to join the Google group, please send a request for membership to (The group is open to all non-industry ISHLT members.)

Currently, there are over 50 members of the Google group, and a little over 100 members of the Pediatric Council. We hope to increase participation in this group to 80% of our Council members. At that point, we will be able to use the Google group as a forum for the exchange and comment on ideas and proposals. It will also be a good forum for posting meetings and important events, enabling them to be published to most calendars with a simple click.

We also hope to use this discussion group to determine the more common modes of communication and clinical preferences of our members, in order to best support them.