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Our Dear Colleagues:

Now that Prague is just upon us, we type this about our important annual ISHLT event, the President's Cocktail Reception (or "gala"). This year, those fortunate enough to attend our Annual Society Meeting are in a position to revel for a moment with merriment and festive congratulations to a grand year in a most historic and charming city. Would it not be fitting—for those who are able—to wear black tie? Of course we will not be so bold as to suggest any alterations of the elegant finery our female members don to such an important event. Perhaps it is time we gentlemen unleash the inner penguin and take it upon ourselves to provide a greater measure of sartorial standard.

We know what you must be thinking. I have no room in my bag! My suit has moth holes! I look like a monkey/penguin/waiter in such a get-up. It makes me think of "Happy Feet" and "Mr Popper." Then, there's the "March of the Penguins." What next! Valentine will bring out his inner New Orleans and Poe preferences expecting a "line dance" and for all of us to wear a "mask!"

Really now, is it not time to put away such unworthy thoughts and make the effort? You may be surprised and the evening will be the more glamorous for it. Besides, we owe it to our hosts and this beautiful city to honor them with such a simple gesture. So what do you think? Shall we set a mark in the sand? Be brave comrades! Surf's Up!

In return for your efforts, best-dressed winners will be announced with their photographs in the next ISHLT Links E-newsletter.

Vincent Valentine and Allan Glanville