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On to Prague!

Stuart C Sweet, MD, PhD
2012 Program Chair

stuart sweetWow! What else can I say about the recently completed 31st ISHLT Annual Scientific Meeting in San Diego. Robin Pierson orchestrated a vibrant meeting packed from dawn to dusk with scientific content and (at least on Friday) from dusk 'til the wee hours with entertainment that included the ISHLT leadership and executive staff dancing on the stage with the band, Rockola, accompanied by 'Crystal Ball Symposium' speaker Jay Zwischenberger on harmonica. How can I top that? Who knows, but I'll give it my best shot.

Next year we will meet in Prague, Czech Republic at the Prague Congress Centre. Located on a hill in the Vyšehrad section of the city, it commands a wonderful view of the Charles River, its historic bridges, and Prague Castle to the north. prague castleFrom the subway stop located directly underneath the Congress Centre, the picturesque Wenceslas Square is only two stops away.

So my challenge will be not only to create a meeting with as much to offer as we had in San Diego but also to allow each of us the time and energy to explore Prague, a city with roots deep in the Middle Ages that has undergone a rebirth since the lifting of the Iron Curtain. Get lots of rest before you come!

We've convened an excellent Program Committee that will meet in Montreal this July to assemble the invited portion of the program. Relevant and interesting content proposals have already been submitted, but there is still time to submit yours by the June 17th deadline. I'm particularly looking for ideas that challenge us to think 'out of the box' and bring together the diverse and complementary components of our society. While honoring the traditional structure of our meeting, I'd like to provide opportunities for learning that transcend the usual disciplinary boundaries.

Most importantly, I plan to make plenty room for presentation of your work. To ensure we have time for fun, brevity and clarity will be key, particularly in oral presentations. The deadline for abstract submission is midnight, November 18, 2011. Get to work!

I hope to see you in Prague.

Stuart Sweet
Program Chair